What is Subscription25?

The offering of subscription-based services or products is something that has an effect on every business. This new way of doing business allows creative pricing and packing in an evolving world. Subscription25 is a native Salesforce application which allows you to manage all your subscription contract and recurring invoices. The automated process of recurring orders provide your customers with periodical invoices and you can track who to charge each month directly in Salesforce.

The subscription economy

Recurring orders

Add Automations or AI

Native Salesforce Application

Recurring invoices

The times of “there are three people waiting before you’ are long over. Your customers expect quick and immediate service. Social channels in increasingly used by consumers to interact with their favourite brands. Using Social25 your service team can chat with customers from the Salesforce Service Cloud console, this means all customer data, including chat history, are in one place. With this information your customer service agents are able to deliver outstanding service.


Managing customer conversations on multiple channels can get very complicated when working in different windows and chat screens. That is why Social25 unites multiple chats on multiple social channels in the Salesforce Service Console ensuring your agents only need one screen. Using case routing can route any incoming message to the right service agent and because chat history is available in Social25, multiple agents can talk to the same customer without interrupting the high standards of service.

Native Salesforce application

Social25 is more than a service solution, by integrating social direct messaging (WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messenger or Facebook Messaging) in your marketing journeys you can create consistency in your communication across all channels. Email is increasingly becoming an unattractive solution for order confirmations or short marketing messages for both customers and companies. And on social media we can’t exactly speak of a meaningful relationship with customers anymore. Branded apps are tools to build effective customer relationship, but often lack longevity. WhatsApp, always available on most devices, is the perfect channels to engage your customers once they have given consent.


Subscription25 user

€ 19

per month


Manage products and orders


Manage different pricing and subscription models


Set advanced discounts


Twinfield / Exact integration


Reports & dashboards


Combined invoicing

Community users

€ 99

per month


Includes 100 community users


Login to see subscriptions


Download pdf invoices


Cancel subscriptions online


Change account and contact information


Change PO numbers


See future orders


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